General FormulaCnH2n, n = 2, 3, 4, ....

Functional Group:

Double Bond

First 3 Members:

Chemical Properties:

MUST Know!
Alkenes are unsaturated hydrocarbon.
  1. Alkenes are a family of hydrocarbons (compounds containing carbon and hydrogen only) containing a carbon-carbon double bond. Therefore, alkenes are unsaturated hydrocarbon.
  2. The general formula for alkene is CnH2n where n = 2, 3, ….
  3. There is no single carbon alkene because it need at least 2 carbon to form the double bond. Hence "methene" doesn't exist.

Naming Alkene

  1. As alkane, the name of straight chain alkenes are also made up of two component parts, the stem and the suffix.
  2. We use the same code for the stem, as alkane.
  3. The suffix for alkene is "ene".
  4. Table belowe shows the molecular formula and name of the first six alkenes.

Formula Name
C2H4  Ethene
C3H6 Peopene
C4H8  Butene
C5H10  Pentene
C6H12  Hexene
C7H14  Heptene


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