Chemical Properties of Halogens

  1. Group 17 elements are very reactive non-metals.
  2. The atoms all have 7 valence electrons, makes them have very similar chemical properties.
  3. During chemical reaction, the atom gains one electron to form an ion with charge of -1.
  4. The reactivity of group 1 decreases down the group.
  5. All group 17 elements are poisonous.
  6. Astatine is very radioactive.

Safety Precaution

  1. Fluorine, chlorine and bromine gases are poisonous.
  2. Therefore all the experiments involving these gases should be carried out in a fume chamber.
  3. The experiments involve fluorine are nor done in school.
  4. This is because fluorine is so reactive that it will react with most of the substance it comes into contact with.
  5. It is very difficult to conduct experiments involving fluorine.


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