Identifying Anions - Sulphate

  1. We have learned that, all salts of sulphate are soluble in water, except lead(II) sulphate, barium sulphate and calcium sulphate.
  2. The insolubility of barium sulphate is used to test for the presence of sulphate in a salt.
  3. 2 cm3 of dilute hydrochloric / nitric acid is added to 2 cm3 of sulphate solution. This is to check whether carbonate is presence in the solution or not because carbonate may give the same result as sulphate.
  4. If not effervescence, then 2 cm3 of barium chloride is added into the solution.
  5. If sulphate ions are presence, a white precipitate will form. The precipitate is barium sulphate.
  6. This is actually the double decomposition reaction that you have learned in preparation of insoluble salt.
    Ba2+ + SO42– → BaSO4

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