SPM Form 4 Chemistry Chapter 9 - Manufactured Substances in Industry

Table of Content

  1. Sulphuric Acid
    1. Manufacturing Sulphuric Acid: The Contact Process
    2. Environmental and Health Issues of Sulphur Dioxide Gas
  2. Ammonia
    1. Manufacturing Ammonia – Haber Process
    2. Characteristics of Ammonia
    3. Manufacturing Nitric Acid – Ostwald Process
  3. Alloy
    1. Copper Based Alloy
    2. Iron Based Alloy
    3. Aluminium Bases Alloy
    4. Tin Based Alloy
  4. Polymer
    1. Polymerisation
    2. Examples of Synthetic Polymers
      1. Plastics
      2. Synthetic Rubber
      3. Synthetic Fibre
    3. Issue in Using Synthetic Polymers
  5. Glass and Ceramic
    1. Glass
    2. Ceramics
    3. Comparing Glass and Ceramic
    4. New Uses of Glass and Ceramics
  6. Composite Materials
  7. Mind Map


  1. Manufacturing Sulphuric Acid (5 Questions) 
  2. Manufacturing Ammonia (6 Questions) 
  3. Alloy (5 Questions) 
  4. Synthetic Polymer (5 Questions) 
  5. Glass and Ceramic (4 Questions) 
  6. Composite Material (5 Questions)


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