Voltage of the Cell

Voltage of the cell

  1. The voltage of a voltaic cell depends on the difference of the electropositivity of the two metals.
  2. The greater the difference in electrochemical series, the bigger the voltage produced.
  3. For example, the voltage of the cell consist of zinc and copper as the electrodes is higher than the voltage of the cell that uses iron and copper as its electrodes.

The Electrochemical Series

  1. The electrochemical series is an arrangement of metals based on the tendency of each metal atom to donate electrons.
  2. The higher the position of a metal in the Electrochemical Series, the greater the tendency of the metal atoms to donate electrons.
  3. The Electrochemical Series can be constructed based on
    1. The votage between two metals
    2. The ability of a metal to displace another metal from its salt solution

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