1. Ester can be prepared through a reaction between carboxylic acid and alcohol in the presence of concentrated sulphuric acid.
  2. The concentrated sulphuric acid acts as
    1. a drying agent to absorb the water that is produced
    2. a catalyst
  3. The reactant mixture needs to be heated under reflux.

Preparing of Propyl Ethanoate (ester) in Laboratory

  1. Propyl ethanoate, CH3COOC2H5 can be prepared in the laboratory by heating a mixture of propanoic acid and ethanol, with concentrated sulphuric acid under reflux.
  2. The mixture is heated under reflux to prevent the alcohol and propyl ethanoate to evaporate and escape to the surrounding.
  3. The mixture is heated in a water bath:
    1. to maintain temperature so that the temperature is not too high
    2. to ensure uniform heating


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