Manufacturing Ammonia – Haber Process

  1. Ammonia  is manufactured in industries through Haber Process.
  2. In Haber process, nitrogen gas, N2 from the air is mixed with hydrogen gas, H2 derived mainly from natural gas.
  3. The mixture is compressed to a high pressure of 200 atmosphere at a temperature of about 450°C.
  4. Iron is used as catalyst to speed up the rate of reaction.
  5. Chemical equation below shows the reaction.
    N2 (g) + 3H2 (g)  2NH3 (g)
  6. About 98% of mixture are converted into ammonia, NH3.
  7. The unreacted nitrogen gas, N2 and hydrogen gas, H2 are recycled and passed back into the reactor together with the new source of nitrogen gas, N, and hydrogen gas, H2.


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