Vulcanisation of Rubber

Vulcanisation of Rubber

  1. Natural rubber is vulcanized to improve its characteristics so that its usage could be wider.
  2. Vulcanised rubber is rubber that has been heated with sulphur.
  3. Vulcanised rubber is prepared in the laboratory by soaking the rubber in a solution of disulphur dichloride or sulphur monochloride in methylbenzene.
  4. Rubber molecules have double covalent bonds.
  5. Sulphur atoms react with the double bond in the rubber molecules chain to form C-S-S-C cross link between the rubber molecules.

Natural Rubber vs Vulcanised Rubber

Natural Rubber
Vulcanised Rubber
Soft Hard
Less elastic More elastic
Non-heat resistance More heat resistance
Low melting point High melting point
Easily oxidised Resist oxidation


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