Additive in Detergent

Biological Enzyme

Examples: Amylase, lipase, protease
Function: Break down fat and protein molecules in food stains.
Whitening agent Examples: Sodium perborate, Sodium hypochlorite
Function: Convert stain to colourless substances
Brighteners Examples: Fluorescent dye (Blancophor R)
Function: Make fabrics appear brighter.


Examples: Sodium tripolyphosphate
Function: To soften hard water.

Suspension agent (Anticoagulant)

Examples: Carboxylmethylcellulose
Function: To prevent the dirt particles removed from deposition onto cleaned fibrics.

Foam control agent (Stabiliser)

Examples: Silicone
Function: To prevent the formation of excess bubbles in automatic washing machine.


Function: Add fragrance to fabrics and detergent


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